Firebird Pizza

Our Firebird Pizza is topped with Bell Peppers, Buffalo Chicken, Gorgonzola, Jalapenos, Ranch Sauce.

$7.49 - $21.99

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Chicken Breast marinated in Frank's Red Hot, with Celery and Mozzarella & your choice of Bleu Cheese or Ranch Sauce. Hot and Cool all at once!

$7.49 - $21.99

Caribbean Crunch

A seductive blend of Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Dijon or BBQ Chicken, Sliced Almonds, Tropical Mango, Feta & Mozzarella Cheeses

$6.99 - $18.99

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Start with our in House Ranch Sauce, add Chicken and Mozzarella cheese, top with Crispy Bacon & you've got winner!

$7.49 - $21.99

Hawaiian Passion Pizza

A knockout tropical punch of slow roasted Ham, extra Pineapple & Mozzarella Cheese on Sahara Marinara

$7.49 - $21.99

Herbivore Pizza

A traditional favorite with fresh Mushrooms, Onions, Bell Peppers, Olives, Roma Tomatoes & Mozzarella Cheese on our Marinara

$7.49 - $21.99

Landmark Pizza

Your choice of Old World Italian Sausage or Seasoned Beef over a bed of Baby Spinach, Fresh Garlic, Shaved Parmesan & Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, topped with Fresh Ricotta & Mozzarella cheeses. Mmmmmm

$7.49 - $21.99

Lions Feast Pizza

Pepperoni, Sausage, slow roasted Ham, Salami & Seasoned Beef top a layer of Mozzarella Cheese on Sahara Marinara. No fear!

$7.49 - $21.99

Margherita Pizza

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Basil, Mozzarella & Shaved Parmesan Cheeses, on top of Roma Tomatoes & Fresh Garlic

$7.49 - $21.99

Pumba Pizza

Oven fresh with Basil Pesto Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Roma Tomatoes, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata Olives, Feta & Mozzarella Cheeses

$7.49 - $21.99

Sahara Pizza

A traditional favorite of Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions, Bell Peppers, with Mozzarella Cheese & our famous Sahara Marinara

$7.49 - $21.99

Tiki Tiki Pizza

Experience the exotic flavor of Basil Pesto Sauce, Dijon or BBQ Chicken, Feta & Mozzarella Cheeses, succulent Pineapple, Marinated Artichoke Hearts & Fresh Garlic

$7.49 - $21.99

Ultimate Sahara Pizza

A hefty offering of Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, Bell Peppers, Olives & Mozzarella Cheese on our sumptuous Sauce!

$7.49 - $21.99

Cheeseburger Paradise

Seasoned Beef, Crispy Bacon, smothered in Tillamook Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheeses

$7.49 - $21.99

Four Cheese Decadence

Basil Pesto Sauce, Fresh Garlic & a mouth-watering combination of Feta, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella & Fresh Ricotta Cheeses

$7.49 - $21.99

Garlic Chicken Pizza

An alluring lite mix of Roasted Chicken, Fresh Garlic, Shaved Parmesan & Mozzarella Cheeses & Sweet Red Onions over our Alfredo Sauce with a sprinkling of Oregano

$7.49 - $21.99

Jungle Veggie Pizza

A layer of Creamy Alfredo Sauce starts this rich harvest of Onions, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Zucchini, Roma Tomatoes, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Garlic & Black Pepper with Mozzarella

$7.49 - $21.99

Cheese Pizza

Cheese Pizza or Build You Own - Comes with Marinara and Mozzarella unless changed

$5.49 - $15.99

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Our BBQ Chicken Pizza is topped with BBQ Chicken, BBQ Sauce, Garlic, Mozzarella, Roasted Onions, Smoked Mozzarella.

$7.49 - $21.99

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza

Our Teriyaki Chicken Pizza is topped with Garlic, Mozzarella, Pineapple, Roasted Onions, Teriyaki Chicken, Teriyaki Sauce.

$7.49 - $21.99